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My most popular images for sale at Shutterstock:

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I love the challenge of capturing the facial expressions and splashes create​d by swimmers. The motion is fast & exciting and it's thrilling to capture just the right moment.  Call me if you have another sport for me to try!

These inanimate object images are fun to stage and I enjoy trying to make the food I prepare look like it would be great to eat!  (Plus food doesn't argue with you and it holds still.)

Working with stock photography I have found there is a bit of a niche market for architecture and construction images.  They present their own unique challenges to discover and photograph.

I have always enjoyed taking landscape pictures and love to travel.  These images provide a colorful window to watch the world go by.  There's just something calming about nature.

I have been interested in photography since forever.  Photography has always called my name but I never did anything about it.  So I recently decided it was time to "do what you want to do" with my life and I joined some stock photography websites.  Now I want to share my always expanding work with the world.  

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My latest images for sale at Shutterstock:

My most popular images for sale at Shutterstock:

I don't usually know where my images are used when they're downloaded but I recently discovered one of my food images was used on the TV cooking show "The Chew."  It was of a cheeseburger in a patriotic theme and it spent the whole show on the screen behind "The Chew Crew!!!"

More scoop

Imagine my surprise recently when I went to make my grocery list and opened the weekly circular from the grocery store and I found myself staring at one of my own images on the front of the circular!!  It was a steak salad being used to promote a sale on Top Round London Broil.  So fun to find my images in use and to see how they're being used!!!!

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